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Transforming IT for Education:
Cloud Managed IT Delivers Advanced Capability
without Complexity

As part of an educational establishment you are not only expected to cater for students educational needs but also introduce and maintain new applications and devices, all whilst delivering the level and speed of performance that modern day IT users have come to expect. The internet, social media, collaboration, assessment and data analytics are all changing the teaching environment.

You need to be able to adopt new technologies that provide these enhanced capabilities, whilst at the same time reducing complexity and freeing up time so the focus is on education and not IT.

Percent of educational establishments currently deploying cloud IT services

Average monthly IT spending

Source: IDC Overcoming IT Challenges in the Education Segment Infobrief, April 2016

Hybrid IT Enabled:
Deliver all of the IT Capability you need with the control of local IT

Hybrid IT provides the opportunity to do more with less in tackling the ICT challenges schools are increasingly facing. Cloud can allow you to reduce spending on support and maintenance which enables schools who are experiencing increasing costs in other areas. It also secures data and removes the need for physical transfer through easy access whilst still retaining local control so systems are reliable in the event of line failure.

Benefits of Adopting Hybrid Cloud-Based Solution

There is now a growing trend of using different cloud-based applications at multiple education sites. On-Premise IT offers benefits such as LAN performance, reliability/control, local data/apps as well as being safe and secure. Whilst, Cloud IT provides IT as a service, is scalable/flexible, can be accessed anytime, anywhere and also offers off-site resilience/business continuity. The ideal solution for educational establishments is a combination of the two – Hybrid Infrastructure.

Being able to remotely manage and coordinate IT
regardless of IT staff’s physical location


Expanding IT capabilities without adding additional staff


Reduced cost of set-up and operation


Faster recovery from unplanned operational disruptions


Flexibility to add/remove specific
software capabilities or individual features


Source: IDC Overcoming IT Challenges in the Education Segment Infobrief, April 2016

Switch to Hybrid IT

Students and staff are becoming increasingly mobile which means the ability to support remote IT functions will only increase over time. IT Managers will be judged by how quickly new services can be deployed, how consistently services can be delivered and how securely they manage data, apps and devices.

The HPE ProLiant EC200a Managed Hybrid Server provides small business, education and branch offices with a server for the cloud era, delivering all the IT you need in one simple, unique design, with the flexibility to grow with your business. Delivered as a managed service the solution is managed and updated via the cloud, delivering advanced capabilities without complexity, at an affordable monthly fee.

Switch to Hybrid IT



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Solution Brief:
Focus on Education, not on IT

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